BUILD A Web Site By 3;45 Today

BUILD A Web Site By 3;45 Today
BUILD A Web Site By 3;45 Today

Sunday, December 26, 2010

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

learn how to do affiliate marketing/What is affiliate marketing

Many Internet online marketers start with affiliate marketing because it is simple to set up and has very low overhead(codt to set up).

With affiliate marketing you do not have to have all the headaches of creating and selling your own prducts.
And you do not have to deal with al lthe customer support problems.

In affiliate Internet marketing you get paid a commision by sending people to the venders website,
if that persons buys from the vender you get a commssion.

The largest affiliate marketing network is clickbank and it has thousands of products to choose from.,br> A ClickbanK account is easy to set up,and does not take very long.

The real tricky paer of affiliate Internet marketing is finding out what product is selling and how to get that product in front of the potential buyers.

If you find a group of people who are passinate about something or desperate to solve a certain problem they are having then you definate have found a good "niche".

With affiliate marketing you do not really need your own website but I would go a head and get one when you can becuase it will allow you do some things that not having one will not.

I would also suggest you should get a web domain name, it is not necessary but ,again it will look more professional
than that long affliate link that click bank will generate for you when you sign up to a product.

What you would do once you have purchase your domain name(you should try to get the the name of the product or what the product is about in your domain name.

then you would point your url(domain name) to the affiliate product you have chosen(this is not hard and the company that you pruchase your domain name threw will have nistrctions to walk you threw the process.

I like Godaddy .(but I am not a fan of thier web hosting services ,but that is just my personal opion).If you chose to build a website I like Hostgator for my webhosting

Now again the hardest part will be getting your affiliate offer in front of potential buyers.(called traffic) One of the easiest ways and most cost affective ways is threw what is known as article marketing.
Aritcle marketing is basically writting articles about the product ,makeing sure you have keywors in the articles about 3-5 times nad submitting them to the major article directories.

The down side you have to write a lot of articles and it takes a while befor you really start seeing the result.

Then there is ppc.I am going to only say this about ppc marketing,do not do this unless you know how to do it correctly and you have a big budget,
Alot of newbies start with PPC and end up losing a lot of money.I am not a PPC whiz so I will not get into PPC.

Then are other ways to gain traffic like hub pages,squidoo,freeadds,blogging,forum post and a host of other ways to get your affiliate product in front of people.

But in the end the most important aspect of affiliate marketing is always do your research first! make your own website by 3:45 today!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who Loves Money?

Who Loves Money? We all do right? But do not let anyone fool you,
Making money online DOES take work, and if you are not willing to put in a little effort, you will not make nearly the amount of money that we have.
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ok your still here so lets cut to the chase,

Within Who Loves Money you're going to learn the "Why's" of Internet Marketing. Most products out there teach you "How" Internet Marketing works, but they don't teach you what you really need to know. Anyone can throw up a Google Adwords ad and advertise a website, but successful marketers know that there is a lot more to making money online than that! You need to know "Why" your customers are purchasing and how to connect with the right audiences. Who Loves Money won't just teach you the "Why's" about making money online, we'll show you exactly how to do it for FREE!

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Traffic generation/ How to get traffic

If you want to succeed in the Internet marketing business ,
being able to generate is going to be vital to your online business.

Targeted traffic is the life blood of any online Internet business and quality traiffic is vital to your succcess.

Lets start off with "SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION" most often refered to as "seo".
This is positioning yourself high in the major search engines in order to get organic traffic from the search engines such as google and yahoo.

Optimizing your website to get a decnt listing in the search engines is not rocket science or as hard as some might believe.
First the thing you will need to do after deciding on your niche market is " keyword research ".

Keywords are the words that people type into the serch engines to find information.
For example, someone looking for golf equiptment would type in golf equipment.
But you should try to target the key word more and also use what is called a long tail keyword
witch means the the phrase someone might use.

Like lets sat the person is looking for a certain types of clubs like say type of driver,
you would use the brand of driver and the woerd driver in your longtail keyword phrase

You would aslo want to include it in your anchor text and title of your website
(becarfull with includung the name of the brand in the title becuse it could be a copy wright infringement).

Also hight the main keywords on your uite so the search engines spiders can have an easytime finding your main ketywords.

Include a sitemap on your website ,This will help you in your search engine ranking and it also helps people navigate your site.
Submit your website to the search engines.This is easy to do,most of the search engines have places to submit your website.

Have great content on your website,the search engines love help use content,the more the better.
Social bookmark your website.

set up blogs that point tou your website, this gives you back links back to your website witch is impotrant.

Article marketing is another good way to increase traffic to your website.
You would write informative articles,include links back to your website.
And then submit the articles to the article directories.

these are just a few ways to increase your ranking in the serch engines and improving your "SEO"and increasing traffic to your website.

About the Author
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